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Re: Draft* Spring Season 2018 Practice Schedule and Instructions Grades 3-8 (U9-U14)


March Practices (3-8th Grade)

On Sunday March 4, 11, and 18 we will host TEAM or GROUP (combined teams) practices with your designated coaches at Cardinal Spellman HS in the Bronx.

Girls 3-4th grade teams and Girls 5-6th grade teams will practice from 9am-1030am.

Girls 7-8th grade teams and Boys 3-4th grade teams will practice from 1030am-12pm.

Boys 5-6th grade teams will practice from 12pm-130pm.

Boys 7-8th grade teams will practice from 130pm-3pm.

 These practices are mandatory unless players are finishing up another sport, sick, or have a religious reason to miss.  If you are traveling out of town for Spring Break, we expect you to work on stick skills doing wall ball on your own if you miss a practice (ask your coaches for guidance and what they expect).  If you are on Spring Break and in town, we expect you to attend the scheduled practices.


*Note:  Schedule is subject to final changes announced in early March after we receive our permits.



Weeknight (APRIL and MAY)

Practices for each age group/team, Grades 3-8 begin Week of April 2


We put this up in an attempt to help people register and plan for the Spring 2018 season; "RI" stands for Randall's Island.

Girls 3-4 Blue and 3-4 Gold -

Both Teams - Frederick Douglass Park (upper West Side Manhattan) – TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS, 6-8pm.  Note, there will be an exception the first week of April: these teams will practice only ONCE during this week, on Booker T Washington Field (Upper West Side Manhattan) on WEDNESDAY April 4th from 6-730pm.


Girls 5-6 Blue and Gold - RI Field 83 TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS - 6-8pm

Girls 7-8 Blue and Gold - RI Field 83 WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS - 6-8pm


Boys 3-4 Teams - RI Field 75 TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS - 6-730pm; ALL teams on field 75 both nights.


Boys 5-6 Teams 

– 5 BLUE and 6 BLUE teams on RI Field 90 MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS - 6-8pm; 5-6 GOLD and 5-6 WHITE teams on Field 83 MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS on Booker T Washington Field (Upper West Side Manhattan). The WEDNESDAY Booker T Washington Field sessions for 5-6 Gold and White will start April 11th.


Boys 7-8 Teams - All teams practice on RI Field 91 on WEDNESDAYS and Field 90 on FRIDAYS




*Note:  Schedule is subject to final changes announced in March after we receive our permits.




Sunday Clinic/Practice Schedule for Boys K-1 and 2 plus Girls K-2, April-June

Boys K-1**

- Cardinal Spellman HS - 9-1030am, Sundays, Starting April 8.    No session May 27-Memorial Day Wknd; June 3 - programming/location TBD 

Boys 2**

- Cardinal Spellman HS - 9-1030am, Sundays, Starting April 8.    No session May 27-Memorial Day Wknd; June 3 - programming/location TBD 

Girls K-2** 

- Cardinal Spellman HS - 9-1030am, Sundays, Starting April 8.    No session May 27-Memorial Day Wknd; June 3 - programming/location TBD 


**Note:  Play Days (or tournaments) against other programs may be scheduled on May 20 and June 3 at locations to be determined in lieu of our regular session.  This is a “Draft” 2018 Schedule.  Subject to changes based on final permits and scheduling with other programs.



Read Carefully PLEASE

 Attendance.  Since we do not have the luxury of practicing more than 2 days a week (most programs we play practice 3 or more times), we expect all players will attend all practices as scheduled, unless there is a valid reason not to attend.  Valid excuses to miss a Doc’s NYC practice are:  injury, sickness, a religious obligation, or a one- time serious academic reason.  The same policy holds true for games.  All anticipated absences must be reported to the coaches and commissioner for each team and reason given.  Playing time is related to attendance and handled by each coach accordingly.  We are not a recreation league.  Please send the right message to your children and respect the commitment of being part of the TEAM.  Thanks. 

 Sticks and Equipment.  All players are expected to supply their own equipment.  No players will be allowed to enter a game without a mouth guard.  See our full list of equipment requirements on the Doc’s NYC website.  To start the season, Boys players are asked to put their first and last name on the front of their helmet with a piece of tape. 

 Uniforms.  Doc’s NYC will distribute uniforms at the March 12 and April 2 practices.

 Weather Policy.  The Doc’s NYC HOTLINE number 212-613-5466 should be called 1.5 hours before an event (practice or game), especially if there are weather systems in the area.  We will also make announcements via email, but the HOTLINE is the bottom line.  We will try to play in light rain.   We must vacate the field immediately in the case of lightning and thunder and cannot return to play until 30 minutes from the last occurrence.  Dress properly to play in weather for the day

 Team Commissioners.  Each Doc’s team needs a team commissioner or co-commissioners to assist the coaches in team management, team logistics, and communication.  This volunteer position is tremendous help to success of each team’s season.  Parents, please contact Mat Levine if you would like to help your son/daughter’s team and the coaches in this capacity. 

 Our Fields.  It is a requirement of this program that we treat the fields and facilities we use with respect for the privilege of playing lacrosse at each location.  Parking and Pet regulations for each location will be strictly enforced.  Trash must be cleared after each use.   More information will come out shortly about the regulations requested by each facility.  Remember, we are guests.  Thanks to all for your cooperation.

 If you have any questions, or would like to discuss team placement, etc, please email and to set up a call.

Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing you on the fields!


Mat Levine and Scott Woodworth